1. Psychedelic Facilitator
  2. Somatic Therapy & IntegrationĀ 
  3. Mind/Body Transformation CoachingĀ 
  4. Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Melissa Blynn (IG: @my_epicluv) the visionary founder of EpicLuv is revolutionizing the path to personal transformation and healing for women, With her expertise as a newly certified Psychedelic Facilitator, Melissa is among the pioneers of the facilitation and integration of plant medicine, leading women through profound journeys of self-discovery, trauma release, and emotional reconciliation.

Melissa’s approach is deeply rooted in the power of Somatic Experiencing, which is a body-centered approach to treating PTSD. She nurtures a mind/body connection, guiding clients through transformative experiences that unlock profound physical and emotional healing. Melissa’s approach addresses the body’s energy impacted by trauma, aiming to restore and complete its natural cycle of release. Her coaching transcends traditional boundaries, offering a holistic pathway to wellness, emotional safety, and a sense of empowerment.

Under Melissa’s guidance, EpicLuv has become a sanctuary for women seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves. Her customized retreats and programs are meticulously designed to nurture wellness and feminine embodiment, providing a sacred space for women to reclaim their strength and grace by connecting to their natural cycles.

WIth over 18 years in the naturopathic and wellness field, Melissa’s work is a testament to her unwavering commitment to healing trauma. Her journey, marked by overcoming immense challenges, including her battles with cancer and the shadows of familial addiction and abuse, has fueled her passion. This unrelenting drive resonates in her mission to empower thousands of women, guiding them to reclaim their lives from the clutches of trauma and addiction.

Melissa’s work goes beyond service; it’s a lifeline for those seeking to rewrite their stories. Her innovative methods and compassionate approach make her an ideal thought leader, promising to bring your audience inspiration, hope, and transformative insights.