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Cultivating Self-Love, Freedom, and Purpose

around your mental, physical, and
emotional well-being

Cultivating Self-Luv

The freedom we seek is the ability to Self-Luv beyond measures! When we are able to break all self-limiting beliefs, only then are we able to redesign a life filled with self-love, freedom, and purpose. EpicLuv helps you create opportunities to do just that!

We motivate, inspire, and encourage women and men to take accountability of their lives to discover their own EpicLuv in health and wellness!

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Epic Transformation


Let’s jump on a FREE one hour call to help identify your top mind and body wellness concerns and desires.

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Somatic Therapy Session

During this two- hour in person session we will address the issues that are currently present for you around mental, physical and emotional pain. During this session we will do deep somatic breathwork therapy to help release past trauma, relationship concerns and help you to gain spiritual insight/awakening, remove greif, and identify what habits and behaviors you are ready to integrate to feel lighter and brighter to move forward!

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Epic Mindset Transformation

This program is designed to complete a mindset breakthrough that is tailored and confidential to you and will help you identify what you want to achieve. Together, we will work with you to remove what is holding you back (whether that's unhealthy thinking patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, getting those emotions in check) to live in values alignment and more!

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Epic Body

From a customized nutrition program, gut support and emotional breakthroughs, we will design a plan that brings you back into alignment within your body that moves you forward feeling lighter, brighter and full of energy!

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